Decrease Costs

DecreasingCostsHardt is well aware of the difficulties associated with running a cost effective deli department. Costs rise directly as a result of an undefined daily process, inefficient or poorly trained staff and unreliable equipment. Controlling costs is vital to the success of any deli’s Food Program. Contact Hardt to learn more about how Hardt can help you control your deli’s costs.


Life cost of the equipment

Hardt strives to maintain competitive equipment prices, and follows a ‘long-term cost of ownership’ model. By analyzing the capital cost, the warranty period, the out-of-warranty repair costs, the cost of energy usage and the number of years the equipment will operate in the field, we ensure we provide the most value for your investment. Our equipment is known for reliability. Importantly, we back our equipment with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, the best in the industry.

Designed For A Rugged Environment  

All our products are designed and built to be used in a rough environment by untrained staff. Our equipment typically exceeds its depreciation period, and is known for reliability. Our Zone Hot Cases have a reliability record of 99.997% based on a study of more than 2 million days of operation. Meanwhile, our rotisseries feature a patented Black-Body technology with a robust single burner design which greatly improves reliability and reduces maintenance and operating costs.

Nationwide Service Network

Hardt is recognized as a high quality manufacturer that truly backs their product. If a service issue arises, rest assured that our nationwide service network will have you up and running quickly. Our service companies are factory trained and carry mandatory stocking of necessary parts to provide speedy solutions.

Support / Services

Product and menu support

Let our Culinary Support Specialists help you design a menu that will satisfy your shoppers, is easy to produce and will reduce shrink.

Training tools

Hardt’s ServSafe trained employees develop customized training tools that improve the process of producing quality and consistent cooking programs.  An employee who is properly trained will understand the daily role they play in catering to your shoppers’ needs. The link goes to our customized solutions page

End of day process

Cleaning is a job nobody wants, and it is often done poorly leading to additional service problems and costs.  Our Inferno 3500 and CombI-Q have a fully automated AutoClean system which greatly improves equipment longevity.

Learn how Hardt can help you in your Deli Department.