Increase Productivity

Increasing ProductivityHardt understands that to increase deli sales without increasing costs, we need to improve the productivity of the employees and processes. Working to deliver high quality menu selections, while dealing with employee turnover and re-training is more than challenging. Knowledgeable staff with clearly defined roles and procedures to follow will be more productive and able to offer your shoppers a higher level of service. Contact Hardt to learn how we can help improve productivity in your deli.


Easy to use

From our Zone Hot Cases which require no operator adjustment to our pre-programmed menu options on the CombI-Q, and carrying right through to our Blaze and Inferno 3500 rotisseries, Hardt builds equipment that is simple to learn, easy to use, and safe to operate. The net benefit to your deli is minimizing operator error and intervention.

Simplified Program Consistency

Both the Inferno 3500 and CombI-Q have pre-programmed controllers that limit the need for high level training. The CombI-Q utilizes both USB key and RFID technology, which allows for uniform cooking programs across all your locations.

End of day process

Cleaning is a job nobody wants, and it is often done poorly.  Our Inferno 3500 rotisserie and Combi-Q have a fully automated AutoClean system. Easy to clean equipment will greatly improve productivity and morale.

Support / Services


Hardt’s ServSafe trained Culinary Support Specialists develop customized training tools to improve the process of producing high quality and consistent cooking programs. Their assistance ultimately enables your employees to increase productivity. The Culinary Support Specialists will set up programs and training tools to ensure successful implementation.

Maintenance and downtime

Stay up and running all the time: Lower downtime with reliable equipment backed by a nationwide service network, will limit the number of interruptions your deli will experience.

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