Increase Sales

Increasing SalesCustomers must have a positive food experience in order for chains to gain loyalty and increase sales. This requires offering a variety of quality food and convenience at an affordable price. Successful delis often have enticing menu items, great service, cleanliness and impeccable food consistency. There is no room for error, since brand loyalty is negatively impacted when customers are dissatisfied.

The categories below highlight how Hardt can help. Contact Hardt for additional information about how we can help increase your deli’s sales.


Great visual presentation

Hardt’s Rotisseries attract customers with dancing flames emanating from our gas rotisseries. Captivating theater combined with the visuals of evenly browned succulent rotating chicken becomes a very effective impulse sales generator. Furthermore, the AutoClean feature in our Inferno 3500 and CombI-Q will help ensure your equipment is always clean, reinforcing the idea to your customers that cleanliness and food safety are important to your organization.

Consistent products

You can be sure that all of your food products will be cooked to perfection every time. Hardt ovens can be pre-programmed for your specific menu offering, ensuring the quality and consistency that your customers expect.

Cutting edge technology

From Hardt’s patented Black-Body heating technology in our Blaze and Inferno 3500 rotisseries, to our patented Zone technology in our Zone Hot Cases, Hardt provides solutions to solve our customers’ everyday problems and boost their sales.  For more information, please refer to our case studies.

Sturdy well built equipment

Hardt’s equipment is built for longevity while performing under intense conditions. For example, based on a study lasting more than 2 million operating days, our Zone Hot Cases have had an impressive 99.997% reliability record.

Easy to use

Our Zone Hot Cases require no operator intervention. They turn on with just one touch of a button. Our Blaze Rotisserie functions on simple manual controls, while the Inferno 3500 rotisserie has a pre-programmed controller. Our CombI-Q and Inferno 3500 have a fully automated AutoClean feature. Easy to use equipment will free up your staff’s time so they can be more attentive to your shoppers.

Custom designs

We can build equipment that is customized for your specific needs. You know what your shoppers want; it’s our job to listen to you, and build equipment that satisfies your needs.

Support / Services  

Culinary Support

Our Culinary Support Specialists will assist in developing a program based on your particular market.  If desired, we will work with you to make your program unique with signature flavor profiles. Please click here for sample recipes.

Training tools

Hardt can provide on-site training along with specific daily/weekly procedural work-aids that will clarify and simplify processes for your staff. Both the training and the work-aids will help your employees perform their duties more effectively, leading to a well presented deli, with fresh hot food always available for your customers.

Service response and downtime

Your program is only as good as the reliability of the equipment you use.  Hardt is recognized as a high quality manufacturer that truly backs its products. If a service issue should arise, rest assured that our nationwide service network will rapidly have you up and running.

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