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Mission & Values

Mission & Values - Responsive, Reliable Solutions

Hardt’s Mission

Hardt commits to providing its chain customers with the most reliable, high-value solutions, reinforced by the highest levels of response and support in our industry.

At Hardt, it’s all about Responsive, Reliable Solutions.

Hardt’s Values

Hardt believes that the highest level of responsiveness comes from teamwork: setting clear expectations, practicing open communication, and by providing ongoing training and encouragement.

Hardt operates through the work of each individual, as well as task forces and different teams depending on the topic to be discussed. Based on this ‘working together’ dynamic, all Hardt employees willingly share information, and continually support one another.

Hardt has outlined the following as a foundation of the team philosophy approach.

In support of our customers, we, The Hardt Team, will:

  • Communicate actively.
  • Voice and seek to resolve concerns.
  • Work cooperatively and respectfully.
  • Strive for improvements continuously.

At Hardt, your needs shape our solutions.

Customize EquipmentWe listen to your needs and build equipment in order to solve your problems

We Work With You DirectlyWe work directly with our customers in order to understand your concerns

Our CustomersWe address the needs of nationwide foodservice chains