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Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions

The Cleaning Solution H4ANC will improve your operation’s productivity and simultaneously help boost your staff’s morale. It uses a gentle patented detergent that crystallizes and dissolves burnt-on grease and carbon from cooking accessories. You can clean skewers, pans, racks, baskets and ventilation hood filters.

How Can Our Cleaning Solution Help You?

Lower Operating Costs

Reduce Labor Costs:
Your employees will spend less time scrubbing equipment and more time on other tasks, thereby improving productivity.

Potentially Reduce Turnover:
The cleaning process is no fun. Removing this daily task from your staff’s agenda will improve morale.

Easy of Use & Safety

Easy of Use:
Simply load your accessories and let them soak, remove and rinse.

Employee Safety:
Using the H4ANC will reduce your staff’s contact with hazardous chemical agents.

“Hardt Detergent”:
The unit uses a patented non-caustic and non-toxic powder that is biodegradable. When mixed with water it produces a non-corrosive cleaning agent that can clean most metals.

Food Safety:
Food safety is enhanced as the H4ANC ensures cleaning standards for accessories in contact with food are always met.


Resource efficiency:
The H4ANC is filled with water and Hardt Detergent, drained and rinsed once every 30 days. This translates into remarkable water conservation relative to daily manual cleaning.

         Cleaning Solutions

Product Specifications

Product Specification Sheet


  • Automate Your Cleaning Function
  • Impeccable Cleaning
  • Boost Productivity
  • Improve Morale
  • Save Water