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Elemendt Countertop SmallElemendt®1000 Designed to produce the very best roasted chicken available from an electric rotisserie.

Countertop Display Cases

Pizza Zone

 If you are loopizzaking for a countertop merchandiser, the Pizza Zone is ideal for merchandising pizza and many other hot food items.  Its generous capacity and alluring lighting make it perfect for attracting customers and generating impulse sales.

Making good use of Hardt’s patented Zone technology, the Pizza Zone does an amazing job of keeping food items hot without compromising their quality or drying them out.  Each level has multiple independent thermostats. The thermostats are strategically placed across the surface and automatically regulate heat to ensure food temperature is maintained at a safe level without overcooking your product.  With only one On/Off switch it is very easy to use and promotes the holding consistency that is critical to any successful hot food operation. 
Although named the Pizza Zone, this merchandiser offers ample shelf space for displaying a wide variety of food offerings and is very well lit to showcase the food to perfection.

Pizza Zone

Zone Technology Case Study

The patented Zone technology was designed in response to a client’s need to consistently preserve hot food at a safe temperature.  Please click here to learn more about how and why it was developed.
       Pizza Zone

Product Features

  • 99.997% Reliability Record
  • Built With Our Patented Zone Technology
  • Consistently Hold Food At a Safe Temperature
  • No Cold Spots!
  • Minimal Operator Intervention
  • Simple Cleaning