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Electric Rotisseries

Responding to the needs of many of our customers who use a mixture of gas and electric rotisseries in their operations, Hardt has drawn upon over 30 years of experience building industry-leading gas models to create an electric rotisserie that produces the very best chicken in its class.  

Benefitting from a unique heat source design and carrying over many innovative design features from other models, the new electric rotisserie is tremendously easy to implement into any supermarket or restaurant setting with minimal infrastructure costs.Elemendt_1000

How Will a Hardt Electric Rotisserie Benefit Your Food Program?

Increase Your Sales

A critical component of any successful rotisserie program is the quality of the cooked product.  Hardt has engineered our electric rotisseries to yield the very best results, largely due to innovative design.

Lower Your Cost of Ownership

Hardt enjoys a very favorable reputation for building quality products that stand the test of time allowing our customers to make the most of their investment.  Greater reliability also equates to less down-time and lower repair costs, leading to increased revenue potential.

What’s more, Hardt models are designed to minimize operator involvement which makes training much easier, saving time and money when coping with staff turnover.

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