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Elemendt® 1000 Single

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The Elemendt® 1000 has been designed to produce the very best roasted chicken available from an electric rotisserie while being easy to operate and clean.  Boasting many of the popular features of our gas models, it’s sized right, in keeping with the most popular units on the market. 

The Elemendt® 1000 Single comes with legs and optional casters to help facilitate installation and regular cleaning. This model is also available with a solid stainless Pass Through rear door option.


How Can the Elemendt® Help Your Business?

High Product Quality:
The outstanding quality of the cooked bird will quickly help generate the highest potential sales.

Attractive Design:
Your customers will be drawn to the brightly lit chickens visible behind the large glass door, watching intently as they roast to perfection.

Ease of Use:
Simple manual controls, a large digital temperature display, convenient hold mode and international symbols make the Elemendt® easy to work with regardless of the local language.

Less Downtime:
While Hardt Equipment has an enviable reputation for reliability, should a problem occur, our nationwide service network is well equipped to get you up and running rapidly.

Product Specifications

Product Specification Sheet


  • Energy Efficient
  • Cooks Chicken, Ribs, Roasts…
  • Designed For Easy Cleaning
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Stackable
  • Low Maintenance