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The Blaze is designed to make the best roasted chicken available anywhere, while being easy to operate. It’s tried and tested technology is field proven both in performance as well as in reliability. The Blaze was designed to increase your profits through exceptional energy efficiency, with decreased carbon emissions. It has a water-resistant interior and exterior shell, making it easy for you to spray and clean without any potential damage to the controls.


How Can the Blaze Help Your Deli?

Increase Your Sales

Visually Appealing:
Your customers will be drawn to the dancing flames and roasting food. Both are easily seen through the rotisserie’s large glass door.

While most delis cook chicken as their roasting favorite, Hardt’s Blaze rotisserie can cook a wide variety of food. Our Culinary Support specialists will be happy to help you design a tasty menu to maximize your revenues. Please click here for a sample recipe.

Less Downtime:
While our equipment has a history of reliability, in the event of an equipment problem, our trained nationwide service network is equipped to get you up and running rapidly.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Employee Interaction:
Once the food is loaded into the oven, the operator simply sets the temperature and timer to start cooking.

Energy Efficiency:
It consumes 50% less energy than most gas rotisseries, a benefit for your bottom line.

Hardt’s reputation for building durable equipment stems from using top quality parts and workmanship. Robust equipment reduces your maintenance costs and downtime.

Our 2-year parts and labor warranty, the best in the industry, ensures you can start using our rotisserie cost- and worry-free.

Ease of Use & Safety

Ease of Use:
Its simple cooking controls allow for minimal operator touch time. In addition, the water resistant interior and exterior shell, makes for easy cleaning, without worrying about damaging internal parts.

Safe Operation:
The burner and drive shut off automatically when the rotisserie door is open. The door is equipped with a dual pane glass to ensure the operator does not get burnt when working around the equipment.


Environmentally Friendly:
The Blaze consumes 50% less energy than other gas rotisseries resulting in significant reductions in carbon emissions.

Product Specifications

Product Specification Sheet


  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Open Flame for Captivating Theater
  • Cooks Chicken, Ribs, Salmon…
  • Designed For Easy Cleaning
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Stackable
  • French Door Option
  • Low Maintenance

EnergyWiseDouble-Deck OptionFrenchDoor OptionWaterResistant