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Gas Rotisseries

RotisseriesHardt’s gas rotisseries are the foundation for the largest volume chicken programs in the U.S.  making Hardt the proven leader in gas rotisseries.

Hardt gas rotisseries are designed to produce the best chicken with the highest yield, provide exceptional visual appeal, and are the standard for reliability. The patented Black Body heat source is highly energy efficient while providing the ultimate in roasting. This design relies on a single burner utilizing extremely reliable ignition and flame sensing technology.

Hardt has continued to lead the way in innovation creating the first gas rotisserie with the time-saving patented AutoClean feature. It is field proven both in performance, ease of user involvement, and reliability.


How Will Hardt Gas Rotisseries Benefit Your Food Program?

Increase Your Sales

The sight of the live flame inside our gas rotisseries along with the sight of rotating food create high theater to attract customers to your deli and drive sales growth in both hot and cold food segments. Cooking with Hardt gas rotisseries gives you the ability to offer the highest quality food to your deli customers: day in and day out.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

Hardt gas rotisseries have a long track record of reliability owing to top quality building standards. Less downtime ultimately puts a lid on the cost of ownership, as it lowers maintenance expenses and increases your revenue potential. Combine proven reliability with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, the best in the industry, and think of how your bottom line will improve.

Moreover, after listening to customer feedback over many years, our gas rotisseries have been designed to minimize operator touch-time and intervention, which makes employee training easy, saving you time and money.

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