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Elemendt Countertop SmallElemendt®1000 Designed to produce the very best roasted chicken available from an electric rotisserie.


Combo Zone Hot CaseThe Combo Zone Hot case merges the service and self-service concepts together to maximize your sales per square foot. It is designed to optimize capacity in minimal floor space and to attractively display products.

Using Hardt’s patented Zone technology, each hot case has multiple independent thermostats strategically placed across its surface. The thermostats automatically adjust heat to ensure food temperature is kept at a safe level without overcooking and reduce shrinkage.

The Combo Zone Hot case is available in both four foot and eight foot lengths.

Please click here for more information about our Zone Hot Case features and benefits.


Zone Technology Case Study

The patented Zone technology was designed in response to a client’s need to consistently preserve food at a safe temperature. Please click here to learn more about how and why it was developed.

Product Features

  • 99.997% Reliability Record
  • Built With Our Patented Zone Technology
  • Consistently Hold Food At a Safe Temperature
  • No Cold Spots!
  • Minimal Operator Intervention
  • Simple Cleaning

Zone Hot Case Capacity Details

Model - Combo Hot Cases
Chicken Domes
Full Size Pans
(2.5" deep)
Combo Zone 4
Combo Zone 8