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Zone Hot Cases

Zone Hot CasesHardt’s Zone Hot cases, available in In-Line, Island and Combo formats, are great for displaying pre-packaged hot foods to jumpstart impulse sales in your supermarket. With Hardt’s patented Zone technology, each hot case has multiple independent thermostats, strategically placed across its surface. The thermostats automatically adjust heat to ensure that food temperature is maintained at a safe level without overcooking.

How Can The Zone Hot Cases Help Your Supermarket?

Increase Your Sales

Visually Appealing:
Well lit signage and food will attract customers and help increase sales.

No Downtime:
Hardt’s Zone Hot Cases have an impeccable track record of reliability (see below).

Low Cost of Ownership

In an ongoing study, Hardt’s Zone Hot Cases have so far boasted 99.997% reliability in over 2 million days of operation. The implication is less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Our 2-year parts and labor warranty, the best in the industry, ensures you can start using our hot cases cost- and worry-free.

Employee Interaction:
Minimal operator intervention is necessary. A simple On/Off switch controls both lighting and factory preset temperature eliminating the need for training.

Simple Cleaning:
Cleaning your merchandiser is simple given that all holding surfaces are stainless steel with a minimum number of crevices and removable parts.


Ease of Use & Safety

Ease of Use:
One switch activates both heat and lights.

Food Safety:
Surface mounted temperature strips indicate once the unit is warmed up and ready to safely accept food. Multiple independent thermostats automatically regulate heat to make sure food remains at a safe temperature.

Customer & Operator Safety:
Lexan heat shields protect users from coming into contact with hot surfaces while reaching for products.


While all open self-serve hot bars are prone to loosing heat, multiple thermostats spread out across the surface turn heat on and off based on the heat draw from above, which conserves energy.

With many of our hot cases far outlasting their 6-7 year amortization, Zone hot cases require less new parts throughout their lifespan, reducing the amount of resources required to maintain them.

Less Shrink:
Hardt’s hot cases maintain food temperature above the danger zone and without fluctuation, which substantially reduces the amount of wasted food.

Model Options:


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