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Case Studies

Case StudiesThe case studies listed below are just a few examples of how Hardt has customized existing equipment and designed new products to help clients solve technological constraints, improve day-to-day efficiency, enhance food quality and reduce shrink. In addition, we have also provided customized solutions for clients to improve impulse sales.

Rotisserie Energy Costs Slashed by 50%!

In response to growing concerns about energy consumption, Hardt designed two rotisseries that consume 50% less energy than most comparable ovens.

Zone Hot Case Technology

In response to a client’s request for a reliable and user-friendly hot case that maintained food temperature within the safe zone, Hardt developed its patented zone technology.

Pizza Zone Hot Case – Combining Safety and Aesthetics

One of Hardt’s longtime customers asked our technical team to design a hot case to hold pizza in their food courts. Hardt modified its existing hot cases to accommodate this request.


Our CustomersWe address the needs of nationwide foodservice chains

Get up and runningWe train your staff on how to use our equipment to achieve optimal results

Customize EquipmentWe listen to your needs and build equipment in order to solve your problems