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Pizza Zone Hot Case – Combining Consistency with Aesthetics

Pizza Zone Hot CaseIn 2009, one of Hardt’s largest chain customers asked us to build a pizza hot case that would help them increase pizza sales and improve holding performance.

The Customer’s Requirements

Their list of requirements included several items. The hot case needed to look attractive in order to increase impulse sales and it needed to keep food consistently warm without drying it out or overheating. Capacity needed to be maximized within a specific footprint: the more pizza they could hold the greater their potential sales during high traffic periods. Moreover, it needed to be user-friendly, the less operator intervention the better.

The Hardt Solution

Pizza WarmerHardt designed its Pizza Zone Hot Case with multiple shelves to maximize capacity. We tailored our patented Zone technology for use in the pizza hot case: each shelf is equipped with an independent thermostat to regulate heat. This is important since heat rises and without this feature pizzas near the top would get overheated and dry up. Instead, the heating element on the shelves located closer to the top, are activated less frequently than those at the bottom.

Similar to Hardt’s other food warmers, the Pizza Zone Hot Case has an On/Off switch that controls both lighting and heat, making it very simple to use. Our engineers also optimized the distance between shelves for heating, cleaning and ergonomic considerations.

To ensure that we satisfied our customer’s requirements, we built several pizza hot cases, each with slightly different specs and tested them in the field for a number of months. The goal was to fine tune the product based on feedback from operators and sales statistics. After receiving feedback and making final adjustments we delivered the final product to our client’s utmost satisfaction, and continue to produce the Pizza Zone Hot Cases for all new store openings and remodels.


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