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Rotisserie Energy Costs Slashed up to 60%!

Rotisserie Energy CostsHardt accepted the growing challenge from the foodservice industry to build a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly rotisserie. The new model had to maintain the highest food quality standards, have minimal operator intervention and include Hardt’s standard of reliable equipment.

Many competitors’ brands as well as Hardt’s older model rotisseries relied on two burners to cook, consuming 120,000 BTUs.

The Hardt Solution

Hardt realized that we could meet both requirements of cutting costs of ownership and sustainability concerns by building a rotisserie that utilized much less energy.

In 2008 the Inferno 3500 and Blaze rotisseries were born. By altering the airflow of the unit and more than doubling the patented Black-Body surface inside the rotisserie cabinet, the new innovative rotisseries accomplished what two burners could do with just one!

The elimination of the burner helped reduce consumption to a modest 70,000 BTU, much less than its predecessor and almost 60% of what comparable rotisseries consume.

Please click here for information about the Inferno GC, Inferno 3500 and Blaze rotisseries.

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