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Zone Hot Case Technology


In 2000, one of Hardt’s customers approached us to solve a problem which entailed keeping chicken at the required safe holding temperature in their hot food merchandiser. There were many issues to address.

  1. The technology that was being used in the field was unreliable, as different parts of the hot case would be heated at or above the safe temperatures, and other areas of the unit would be well below them.
  2. The hot case temperatures could be easily changed by employees, this required operator intervention adding further complexity to maintaining safe holding temperatures.
  3. Over the years, as the unit was being used more and more, the technology deteriorated and temperature readings were not accurate.

The HARDT Solution


Hardt was responsive to the needs of our customer and designed a solution to eliminate users’ problems. Multiple, independent heating zones, each controlled by a precise, reliable, factory-set thermostat ensure that the entire hot case is optimally heated. The surfaces of the hot case adjust themselves to the food load, leaving operators free to tend to other deli tasks.

Product Development Cycle: Conceptual Sketch, Rendering and First Prototype


The patented design uses aerospace-inspired components and includes a hidden heat-spreader to eliminate cold or hot spots, resulting in efficiently distributed heating loads.

Multiple zones keep the hot case running for years and years. In the unlikely event of a single zone failure, neighboring zones remain unaffected and continue to hold temperature ensuring that your unit continues to run. Hardt’s R&D and Culinary Support teams assist customers in tuning the zones for particular food groups or difficult holding applications.

Furthermore, Hardt implemented a one switch technology, keeping the end-user in mind. There is now just one On/Off switch, eliminating the need for operator intervention, and keeping products at the same safe temperature consistency throughout all your locations.

Proven Technology

Hardt’s line of heated merchandisers is 99.997% reliable, as evidenced by an analysis of over 2 million operating days. That translates into minimal maintenance costs and downtime for your deli.

Number of Units

For over a decade, Hardt has produced thousands of hot merchandisers for supermarket delis. Thousands of units later, the Zone hot merchandiser remains the most reliable and food-safe equipment in supermarkets.

Please click here for more information about our Zone Hot Cases. Hardt offers In-Line, Island and Combo hot cases.

99.997% Reliable in Over 2,000,000 Hours of Operation


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