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Culinary Support

Culinary SupportIncrease Traffic & Increase Sales

Hardt’s experienced Culinary Support Specialists can help your deli work on menu selection and suggest methods to operate more efficiently in order to increase your hot food program’s profit. Our team will perform in-house and on-site testing to ensure food quality is maximized, procedure documentation is updated, and your equipment is preloaded with your menu options so you can cook food hassle free and efficiently.


The Culinary Support team’s main objectives include the following:

  • Develop programs to minimize food shrinkage and waste, which helps lower your costs.
  • Conduct time-motion studies to reduce touch time and boost your productivity.
  • Improve production planning to optimize the amount of fresh food that is available during both peak and down times. This minimizes waste, eliminates the possibility of customers finding empty hot food cases and ensures ongoing theater in your deli.
  • Ensure consistency of your hot food program across all your locations, from food temperature to freshness and availability.
  • Hardt's Culinary Support Specialists are ServSafe certified, and can provide recommendations on how to maintain the highest food safety standards.
  • Introduce accessories to maximize your food equipment’s output and variety of food.

The Culinary Support Specialist’s role is to help you: build a cost efective hot food program, produce a consistent product and make suggestions on how to increase your sales.


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