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Customized Solutions

Where an opportunity exists, Hardt develops new products in response to our customers’ needs. Our primary development objective is to design solutions that solve problems, are cost-effective, are practical and easy to implement.

The development team consists of engineers, technologists and integration specialists who create equipment that will save labor, enhance reliability and reduce maintenance costs to culminate in a trouble-free experience for the end-user.

Whether it be a new accessory or refining existing product lines, even developing an entirely new product, the team’s goals are to hear and understand our customers’ needs and create a solution. 

The Process

At Hardt we listen, analyze, clarify and understand our customers’ requirements.  Using the Pizza Zone as an example, after listening to our customer's needs, Hardt created a concept that was first shown as a drawing and later turned into a 3D rendering for evaluation.

Product Development Cycle

Artist Sketch and 3D Rendering

 Pizza zone prelimFC 62 (with pizza)


The next step was for Hardt to test the design with the customer’s food product.  This ensured it functioned and looked just the way the customer expected for a seamless integration into their operation.


The process then required that the customer test a prototype unit in one of their stores to collect real-world feedback on the design.  After the test period, all comments were taken into account to fine-tune the design prior to full production.

The end result was an effective product that met the customer’s needs and subsequently was rolled out to all their stores.

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