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Profitable Grease Management

Grease ManagementDealing with grease produced in the Deli of a typical supermarket (from fryers, rotisseries and combi’s) has always been an issue and an expense.  Many methods of intercepting the grease to keep it out of the store’s drainage system (such as grease traps and other mechanized solutions) have been costly to implement, challenging to maintain and inconsistent in terms of efficiency.  

The growing strength of the Green movement, however, is radically changing things as this grease has now become a valued commodity, used in fuel and other applications.  Yellow grease from Chickens is in particular demand.

Hardt’s new Inferno GC has been designed to help our customers take advantage of this revenue-producing opportunity.  

            Oven effluent diagram

Grease dripping from the product is channeled directly from the rotisserie into a collection reservoir where it can be easily managed.  The net result is a high level of collection efficiency and larger volumes to offer to the rendering companies